Saturday, July 20, 2013

Borneo Hornbill Festival - How does it all start?

Salaam, lovelies.

As far back as I can remember I've always wanted to capture Sarawak ethnic traditional attire. But, I never had the chance. I have seen them on television, printed materials, dancers, but not a closer look, what more to photograph them.


In 2011, a friend of mine (Mr. Tom) messaged me. He told me that one of his friends need a photographer, urgent. His friend is in need of a photographer to take photographs of winners who have won a competition organized by a non-governmental association in Kuala Lumpur. Persatuan WarisanSarawak Kuala Lumpur (PWSKL) to be exact. So, I said, "Yes, why not!" He added, "But, it's not a paid one oh..volunteer only." I replied, "No worries. You know me."

Coincidentally, my housemate (Mr. Andy) recognize Tom's friend. Andy said they are batch mate. Aww, what a small world! Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, this is where it all started. Friendship, and collaborations. 

On a beautiful day, July 30th, 2011, Andy, Ivy (Andy's sister) and I headed out to the said location. Good weather is more than just a beautiful weather. Perfect for photography session! There is the hanging bridge just nice to portray the traditional attires. Meeting them for the very first time - wow, that's all!  I was really amazed by their natural look - Veeky-LeonoraAndria, Paren Nyawi and Robson Jeelian, and of course the amazing and authentic traditional attire. Again, I was fascinated and impressed by its everything lah!

Thank you to the Almighty for the opportunity. Thank you Tom for the information through FB inbox and text messages. And for mentioning my name, at the very first place! Thank you Susan for the calls, the texts, direction, and invitation. Thank you Veeky, Paren and Robson for the great photo shoot session. You guys were amazing! Thank you Andy and Ivy for the good company and driving me to the exact location. (It was Andy's birthday. Happy birthday, D!). Thank you to the newly met friends Kholyn, Dymphna and others (sorry couldn't recall the names but sincerely thanks for the friendly time). None of these could be accomplished without cooperation.

It has already started, and never stop since then. BIG love Borneo Hornbill Festival!

Some of my earliest, and among my favorite pictures.
Veeky Leonora Andria, Kumang Iban winner, Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011
Fobson Jeelian, First runner-up, Keling category, Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011
Paren Nyawi, Mister Brilliant Smile, Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011

These are the pictures taken in 2012. Thank you Dr. John Laurence and Paren for giving me the full access - in and out the hall. 

Till then, have a nice weekend. Love much.

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Veeky and I.
Veeky, Susan, Andy and I.


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