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Buvazoi Tavantang (Harvest Prince, Sabah)

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Some of you might have known it, while some of you may not. As I google around, there is not much information I obtained from the internet (online searching). So, whatever I have written here are based on my amateur knowledge. But, hey, dear readers, if you have some information regarding on this traditional-oriented male beauty pageant, feel free to give me any responds for further improvements. This competition is a male version of Unduk Ngadau.

Cultural heritage is defined as traditions, beliefs, or a way of life practiced by a group of people and passed on from generation to generation. In related to this matter, the cultural heritage of KadazanDusunMurut can be preserved in order to revive the heroism element though cultural related activities such as Harvest Festival. The premise of  Buvazoi Tavantang or Mister Kaamatan (Harvest Prince) is to showcase the aesthetics and talents of the young KDM male population as well as raise appreciation towards the male traditional costume. Buvazoi Tavantang loosely translated as 'Dashing Young Men'. Buvazoi Tavantang is regarded as the most prestigious male beauty pageant in Sabah. It is culturally rich where the contestants who are representing their own district parade the traditional costume from their respective district.

This male beauty pageant promote good for the community mostly through the chosen winners and the responsibilities that they have. The title receivers are expected to utilize the platform to carry with the duties in a positive way. Such as promoting culture; collaborate with any tourism boards;  speaking at public events; publications; be actively involved in charity works and many others. Similar like Unduk Ngadau, joining this pageant will also mean exposing one selves extensively in a positive way. Contestants will be able to develop new friendships, get prizes and most importantly gain a greater self confidence. The sense of achievement that came through exhibiting the accomplishments will motivate a contestant  to become an even better person - not just a one year Harvest Prince.

Buvazoi Tavantang 2013 Full Results
Buvazoi Tavantang 2013 (Inanam)
1st Runner Up (Klang Valley)
2nd Runner Up (Tamparuli)
3rd Runner Up (Membakut)
4th Runner Up (Lahad Datu)
5th Runner Up (Tawau)
6th Runner UP (Beluran)

Subsidiary Title Receivers
Talent Night Winner (Inanam)
Talent Night 1st Runner Up (Klang Valley)
Talent Night -2nd Runner Up (Beluran)
Talent Night Mr. Popular (Tawau)
Best Costume/Theme: Gentlemen (Klang Valley)
Best Sarong (Papar)
Mr. BB Cafe (Beaufort)
Best Body (Tawau)
Mr. Personality (Beaufort)
Mr. Photogenic (Klang Valley)
Best Costume/Theme: Natural Heritage (Tamparuli)
Best Costume/Traditional (Lahad Datu)
Mr. Popular (Likas)
Mr. Facebook King (Beluran)

Juan Richo (2012 Sabah State Level Mr. Kaamatan Winner) during 2013 Klang Valley Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan

 Juan Richo and 2012 Klang Valley  Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan winner, Miss Joanne of Tambunan district.

  Juan Richo and 2013 Klang Valley  Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan second runner  up, Miss Kimmy Dison Majalap of Penampang district.

  Juan Richo and 2013 Klang Valley  Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan winner, Miss Ledesma Steven of Tuaran district.

 Tim Anderson, 2009 Klang Valley Level Mr. Kaamatan Third Runner Up.

Juan Richo and Healvia Meme Robat during 2012 Runduk Tadau, Borneo Hornbill Festival.

Some of the photos captured by Nelson Michael Photography during 2013 Sabah State Level Mr. Kaamatan (Buvazoi Tavantang):

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Dahlia Lee said...

Menariklah. Sy tak taupun ada pertandingan utk lelaki mcm ni. Cantik baju-baju..

Hilda E. Jay said...

Sabahan guys are definitely handsome and cute!

Abg-Huzz said...

One thing I have to agree about Borneo people is, they are all good looking and multi-tasking.