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Best in Traditional Attire, Miss Borneo Kebaya 2013

Salaam to all lovely readers.

Last week (November 22nd, 2013), I have had the chance to work with Miss Borneo Kebaya committee 2013 (MBK2013). Mrs. Julie and I (from Persatuan Kebudayaan dan Warisan Sabah Kuala Lumpur, Selangor dan Putrajaya) had the chance to do jugding for the Best in Traditional Attire category/subsidiary title. We really appreciate the chance given not only as part of the judging team but also to learn about the uniqueness of  Kebaya attire.

During the event, the first segment was traditional attire parade in which the contestants were given the opportunity to wear traditional attires that represent any ethnics in Malaysia. Most of the contestant chose to wear traditional attire from East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak). Then, came the self-introduction part. After a few catwalk-ing, the contestant intoduce themselves as “..Melati, 18, Sarawak!” And, continue with their motto part. All the contestants were equally gorgeous, and well prepared. You can easily tell from their fantabulous traditional attire and showmanship!

It is always a challenge to choose a winner as most of the contestants are really well prepared, gorgeous with sparkling smiles, looking resplendent in their traditional attires and deserving to win the title, too. As there can only be one winner (and a number of 9 contestants in the runner-ups), others would of course feel very disappointed if they don’t win the title.

Prior to that event, I did some spontaneous interviews for all of the contestants - asking their views and thoughts about ‘Traditional Attire.’ This carry 20 percent of the overall score. To my surprise, they were some contestants who nailed the interview round. With the varsity of their knowledge, plus the ability to deliver the answer in a natural manner – all these were taken into account, and I can say all of them deserved to win the Best in Traditional Attire title. I am not bragging, this is true! My favourite in this round – I would say Elfira and Cherish! These two ladies answered the questions spontaneously and with charm! You see, it is not so much about ‘what you know’ or ‘how well you know.’ But rather, ‘how NATURAL you know, and answer it NATURALLY.’

So, during the final night, we did the second round judging (traditional attire parade). The criteria of judging are:- suitability(cultural relevance), originality/authenticity, stage presentation/execution of the attire, self-confidence, and overall beauty/elegance. We were given approaximately 1.5 - 2 minutes to judge each contestant in their traditional attire. The interview score and traditional attire parade carried a total of 100 percent.

As a result, Mrs. Julie and I came into a conclusion in selecting the winners for Best in Traditional Attire, Miss Borneo Kebaya 2013:

Winner: Elfira Edwin (Tinombunan, Dusun Tambunan)
1st RU: Vyrazonah Valerian (Tantagas version, Dusun Lotud Tuaran)
2nd RU: Suzie Wendy Anak Bidin (Melanau)
3rd RU: Elssey LessiannaAnak Richard (Bidayuh)
4th RU: Maryanne Lee (Gajah Oleng, Melanau)
5th RU: CherishSupang (Lun Bawang, Limbang)
6th RU: CeciliaRiymante (Sinipak, Dusun Tindal Kota Belud)
7th RU: Sharon Kezia Leela Sanjivee (Sari, Malaysian Indian)
8th RU: Kueh Mei Fung (Cheongsam Baba & Nyonya)
9th RU: Marilyn CindyJohn (Dusun Kimaragang, Kota Marudu/Pitas/Kudat)

Congratulation, girls!

It is not all about the prizes, but to the wider extend - the main purpose of MBK2013. Why is it held, the significance, positive outcome and what not. Anyway, I do admire their courage for without them, then there would not be any competition. MBK2013 have done their best to look for credible judges. The appointment of judges for this event is usually given a lot of thought.  The person should be someone known to have integrity, have some social standing in society or someone knowledgeable, experienced or involved in aesthetics beauty.

And if it involves traditional costumes, then at least there is a judge should be knowledgeable on the traditional costumes. Am I? Yes, I do! The line-up should be from diverse background, geographically distributed and have different professions and that they should have some experience in appraising the ideals of the pageant. This would eliminate if not all, some degree of biases.

“The biggest negative impact on our traditional culture now is the invasion of modernization where most of the traditional attires are contemporary." 

Think about it.

Notes: Prizes for Best in Traditional Attire were sponsored by persatuan Kebudayaan dan Warisan Sabah Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Putrajaya). The top 3 winners of the main awards category will compete in the final stage of Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2013, to be held in December.

Much love,
Stevie Sebol
Persatuan Kebudayaan dan Warisan Sabah Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Putrajaya

Main awards
Winner: Kueh Mei Fung
1st Runner-up: Cherish Supang
2nd Runner-up: Norita Karim
3rd Runner-up: Shopie Jennechua
4th Runner-up: Maryanne Lee
Best in Kebaya: Suzie Wendy Anak Bidin
Best Catwalk: Vyrazonah Valerian
Miss Talent: Erlin Christopher
Miss Accessories: Maryanne Lee
Miss Inner Beauty: Cherish Supang
Miss Personality: Michelle Tora
Miss Photogenic: Vyrazonah Valerian
Miss Favorite: Marilyn Cindy John
Miss Brilliant Smile: Marilyn Cindy John
Miss Popularity: Kueh Mei Fung
Miss Friendship: Sharon Kezia Leela Sanjivee 

Mrs. Julie Jidwin (Best in Traditional Attire judge) and Ms. Jade Park (Miss Scuba Malaysia 2013)

Here are the winner's photos for Best in Traditional Attire, Miss Borneo Kebaya 2013:

Elfira Edwin wearing a Tinombunan/Dusun Tambunan traditional attire
(Winner Best in Traditional Attire)

Vyrazonah Valerian wearing a Dusun Lotud Tuaran traditional attire/Tantagas Suang Lotud
(1st runner-up Best in Traditional Attire)

Suzie Wendy Anak Bidin wearing a Melanau traditional attire
(2nd runner-up Best in Traditional Attire)

Elssey Lesiana Anak Richard wearing a Bidayuh traditional attire
(3rd runner-up Best in Traditional Attire)

Maryanne Lee wearing a Bidayuh traditional attire/Gajah Oleng
(4th runner-up Best in Traditional Attire)

The rest of the Top 10 for Best in Traditional Attire are:
5th runner-up - Cherish Supang 
(Lun Bawang traditional attire)
6th runner-up - Cecilia Riymante 
(Sinipak/Dusun Tindal Kota Belud traditional attire)
7th runner-up - Sharon Kezia Leela Sanjivee
(Malaysian Indian Saree)
8th runner-up - Kueh May Fung 
(Baba & Nyonya Cheongsam)
9th runner-up - Marilyn Cyndi John 
(Dusun Kimaragang of Kudat/Pitas/Kota Marudu traditional attire)

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