Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why our culture should be jealously preserved

Salaam, lovely readers.

We hear people talking about forming association(s) for the cause of saving and preserving the 'richness and diversity' of cultures and traditions and so, and so, and so so on. But why do we need to conserve tradition? What will happen if we don't protect the cultures? Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KualaLumpur dan Selangor, KadazandusunCultural Association, Persatuan SuangLotud Sabah and the list goes on - all these are the example of associations with the aim to uphold our cultural heritage.

So, why do we need to conserve tradition?

Anyone? Tiada salah, tiada betul ni. Hentam saja bah!

As for me, on why my family keep our culture even though we live in another 'phase' is well.. tradition, makes us more comfortable, for what we are, just what has always been a part of our lives. Plus, we will always remember our root, background history of  lives and reflect it back on the kids(us). One day we'll go back to our kampong and all that, live there, stay there, pigi tabasan, and die peacefully there. Also, we know what we need to do when something happens and tell people who do not know about the culture, to see how it is, and what happen as time goes by. It is like learning history lah.  I hope that makes sense, at least for me.
Some says,  "human culture and traditions are subject to change as they are passed down the generations."  If you think it is true, is. If you look at it in the other way round, then you are CREATIVE!

We value certain things, certain places which we are familiar and which we think of being part of our heritage are precious to us. Some creatures are so outstanding that they are part and parcel of a universal heritage and are of importance to everyone. Example Mount Kinabalu, Padas River, Niah Cave, Rajang, know, all these 'paradise.'
But why do we need to conserve tradition? What will happen if we don't protect the cultures? Well, you can't stop it happening. The fact that a group of people are prepared to make the conservation effort means that the tradition / culture has value for them. So unless you actively prevent conservation, it will happen for the things that people value the most. If you think about it, something only becomes a tradition if it's seen to have value. Agree or not agree? To all the recipients of Conservation/Tourism titles (Borneo Hornbill Festival), take this as your ultimate challenge. Trofi bukan untuk ditayang semata-mata. Tunjukkan bahawa anda betul-betul LAYAK menerimanya. Can? Bulih bah kalau kau!

I conclude with the following sentence;

"'s important because you are keeping your traditions and cultural beliefs, and you can then share them with others or pass them on to your next generation.."

Salaam di bawah bayu.

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